Auto Sales Force Training uses techniques that are built upon the philosophy that the sales experience should be unique and different so that your sales team stands out in a world of mediocre salespeople. It is a “back to the basics” approach that uses simple and common sense applications to assist in selling yourself first so that you can then build a stronger foundation of trust between you and your customer. By empowering your sales team to understand “the power of why” will make believers out of them and by showing them “how” will create results. ASFT has developed over 50 unique videos that are used to demonstrate both the correct and the wrong ways of interacting with your customers from the meet & greet through to follow up. ASFT offer ground up training to both new automotive hires as well as to the more experience salespeople with a Sales Process Refresher course.


New Hire
Training 101

ASFT Beginner Level Training
This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of automotive sales. The overall goal is to equip your new hires with a best practices tool set that will allow them to grow their business from day one and not develop bad habits early.

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Follow up training 201

ASFT Intermediate plus Level Training
This course is an intensive guide to truly building an organic, strategy based follow up process. The overall goal is to train your team on tangible systems and methods they can use to maximize and better execute their follow up process. Which ultimately means more ROI for you and your customer.

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new hire refresher 301

ASFT Intermediate Level Training
This course is practical guide for your sales team to evaluate and to bridge the gap between what they learned in their original training and what really has happened to them on the sales floor since that training. It is the perfect time to correct any bad habits before they are absorbed habitually and become normal behavior.

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