This is a one day refresher course designed for salespeople who are relatively new to the industry.

This course is exclusive to one Dealership per session.

Major components covered:

  • Through a classroom setting ASFT will re-introduce the importance of following the sales process. Similar to ASFT's training course 101, we will coach your sales team on the correct way of doing the sales process. ASFT has cleverly crafted short videos containing all elements of the sales process where actors are engaged with customers in a showroom setting. ASFT will examine and demonstrate the pitfalls of skipping steps.
  • In a training group session ASFT will evaluate your salespersons performance by looking at multiple examples of live and past prospects in their CRM. We will celebrate what they did correct and coach them on what they could have done different by creatively engaging them in a round table discussion. Positive behavioral changes are adopted when the salesperson is empowered and buys into the message.
  • How to take control using effective techniques and intelligent questions and responses. "Deals are often lost not by a few dollars but rather a few words and how we say them".
  • Price is a question and not an objection. Understanding that price is generally not your customers true objection and how to overcome it.
  • Inspect what you expect. Are we following through in our follow up.

Location: Dealership Boardroom

Class Size:  4 participants per session. Exclusive to one Dealership/session. Managers are welcome to attend (with participants) at no charge .

Participation: $1,249.OO value per session

Promotional Event Pricing: now only: $888.00* per session (equivilant to $222/participant/session)


*ASFT reserves the right to modify both the participant and pricing structure. Prices are plus GST.

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